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Glass Onion

Album: The Beatles (The White Album)


I told you about strawberry fields You know the place where nothing is real Well here's another place you can go Where everything flows. Looking through the bent backed tulips To see how the other half live Looking through a glass onion. I told you about the walrus and me-man You know that we're as close as can be-man Well here's another clue for you all The walrus was Paul. Standing on the cast iron shore-yeah Lady Madonna trying to make ends meet-yeah Looking through a glass onion. I told you about the fool on the hill I tell you man he living there still Well here's another place you can be Listen to me. Fixing a hole in the ocean Trying to make a dove-tail joint-yeah Looking through a glass onion.


Some of the lyrics in this song were put in by John to play with the people that over-analysed his songs. He chose lines from previous songs such as "Strawberry Fields" and even refers to "I am The Walrus". He also made a few new images for these people to think about: a glass onion, a dove-tail joint, bent backed tulips and more.


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