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No Reply

Album: Beatles For Sale
Chords used:
D7      xx0212
G6      320000
Em      022000
Bm      x24432
Cmaj7   x32000
Am7     x02010
B7      x24242
G6add9  320200
C       x32010
G       320033
E       022100
Am      x02210


                     C			       D7
This happened once before  When I came to your door
No reply
                    C			    D7
They said it wasn't you  But I saw you peep through
Your window

           Em       Bm
I saw the light
           Cmaj7    Bm  
I saw the light
                   Am7			     D7
I know that you saw me  'Cause I looked up to see
Your face


               C			     D7
I tried to telephone  They said you were not home
That's a lie
			   C			D7
'Cause I know where you've been  I saw you walk in 
Your door
	  Em	Bm
I nearly died
	  Cmaj7    Bm
I nearly died  
			  Am7		     D7
'Cause you walked hand in hand  With another man
In my place

(Go to CODA after second time through VERSE 2)


	  G        B7		 E
If I were you  I'd realize  that I
	 Am	    C	      G
Love you more  than any other guy
	    G	      B7	 E
And I'll forgive  the lies  that I
	Am	       C	    G
Heard before  when you gave me no reply

(Repeat VERSE 2)

      Em    Bm
No reply
      Cmaj7   G6add9
No reply

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