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WINNERS OF TheBeatlesWebsite.com AWARD

February 2007Penny Lane Beatles
Having spent 5 months rejecting sites that did not reach the standards required for thebeatleswebsite.com award, I got used to it. However, this applicant blew me away. I have not spent much time flicking through Beatles sites over the last couple of years and this one had me engrossed. Beautifully designed and laid out with great backing music. The content is also very thorough and I am delighted to honour such a fantastic site.
Penny Lane

August 2006Penny Lane
This is a busy little site with a lot going on and it is constantly improving. You can get lost in its quantity of information and, having found myself lost in it for over an hour, I decided it was worth an award! I'm sure that you'll agree.
Penny Lane

July 2006CreekRat.com
Excellent site for anybody looking to have a cartoon designed on any topic at all! It can range from your car to your girlfriend or to your business logo. Hmmm, do I want a picture of my girlfriend or my car to be hanging on my wall. On second thoughts, maybe this website will get me in trouble but it's definitely worth a look. There is a great Beatles section on the site too.

June 2006 TheBeatlesForum.co.uk
A highly recommended Beatles Forum! Well designed and very well run but don't just take my word for it.

January 2006: Beatlesarama

Six million people have listened to this since it began.. so why not be one of them. I thoroughly recommend checking this out!

December 2005: The Beatles Place
A brand new internet radio station devoted to the Beatles and their music. Radio Revolution No. 9 is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year bringing you the best Beatles music all day, every day.

November 2005: Marmalade Skies
This site interviews authors of Beatles books and also provides other cool stuff for everyone to check out. Design of the site is also top notch!

October 2005: SugarPlum-Fairy
A site that actually has all the Beatles stuff you could ever need! I probably shouldnt be sending all my guests there because they mightn't come back!

September 2005: BeatlesInLondon
Great site and wonderful idea. Walks that are guided by Richard Porter - author of the 'Guide to the Beatles London' and holder of the title 'Beatles Brain of Britain'!

August 2005: BeatleFolks
This company uses The Beatles as an educational tool for learning and understanding business success. It sounds very unique and the site has a really cool animation!

July 2005: Maverick
This company uses The Beatles as an educational tool for learning and understanding business success. It sounds very unique and the site has a really cool animation!

June 2005: Kerry's Beatles
This is a great site with a lot of info. Definitely worth a look and even more definitely worth an award!!

May 2005: SamLeach.com
The design on this site is something I would be VERY proud of. Great site with lots of wonderful Beatles stuff. Yes, April was an easy month to pick a winner once he applied! Definitely read his book, "The Birth of the Beatles" - it's one of my favourites (and I've read a LOT!).

April 2005: Paul is Dead
A very unique site that should be on everybody's favourites. I am as delighted to give this site my award as they were to receive it. In fact, Doctor Lev wanted to thank lots of people for the award... including his hairdressor! I can only imagine his hairstyle if this guy made it intothe list of people he wanted to thank!!

March 2005: Beatles.com.au
This is honestly one of my favourite sites on the net (don't tell them I said that!). If you are looking for any Beatles info, you should try this (second to my site of course!), it'll save you a lot of time! This site is quite easy on the eye too, which always helps.

Feb 2005: BeatlesArt2004
Nice site for the Beatles Painting Gallery. This site got the award for it's unique subject matter.

Jan 2005: BeatlesNumber9
Excellent games and news sections. Definitely worth a look... and an award!

Dec 2004: Alan Lowell's Beatles
One of the most popular Beatles sites on the net. This site has accumulated a lot of info over the many years it's been around so when I received an application for the award, there was no doubt in my mind of its worthiness.

November 2004: Rooftop Sessions
This is a monthly e-zine featuring the finest in Beatles-related fiction on the Internet. The site is updated monthly and contains an extensive archive of some of the best fan fiction on the net.

October 2004: The Beatles Singles Pages
The Beatles Singles Pages showcases the many different label variations of Beatle and Solo US singles from 1963 to today. There are over 350 labels and picture sleeves shown, including Capitol, Vee Jay, and Tollie records.

September 2004: The Paul McCartney Photo Web Page
The Paul McCartney Photo Web Page is the most accessed and resourced Paul McCartney/Beatles Web page on the Net featuring, photos, news, video, audio, message board, guest chats, Internet chat, and hundreds of links.

August 2004: The Beatle Bugs!
This site focuses on its photos. It is really great and when you see it, you will see exactly why it got our award. The design and content are outstanding.

July 2004: Kaboo's Beatle Page
This is just a page of Beatle madness. It's fun, but also provides fun facts and pictures for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully when you go through this site it will make your day better!

June 2004: Alfonso de Juan's Beatles Web
A fantastic Spanish Beatles Website. Unfortunately it is not translated to English but if you are lucky enough to be able to understand Spanish, I definitely recommend checking this out!


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August 2001: http://www.frameyourmusic.com

December 2000: http://www.ringoworld.com

November 2000: Stuart Sutcliffe

October 2000: http://www.plastic-soul.com/

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